A tooth may need to be extracted in order to fully restore the health to your smile. When a tooth is severely damaged, decayed, or impacted, Dr. Overholtzer may recommend a tooth extraction as a last resort. Dr. Overholtzer always strives to preserve as much of your natural smile as possible and always recommends the most conservative treatment plan possible with a lasting and stable smile as the end goal.



Tooth extraction is common for teen and young adults who have impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop and can often cause overcrowding or infection if left unattended.

Diagnostic x-rays will help Dr. Overholtzer determine if wisdom tooth removal will be necessary. Patients will receive a local anesthetic for their comfort. The wisdom teeth will be gently removed from the jaw and sutures will be placed to reduce the risk of infection.

Our dental care team will provide patients with detailed post-op instructions to aide in a quick and comfortable recovery. Most patients fully recover in one to two days after their wisdom teeth are removed.



If extraction is necessary, Dr. Overholtzer will numb the area using a local anesthetic. Once comfortable, the tooth extraction will begin.

Dr. Overholtzer will gently remove the tooth from the root. The area will be cleaned and sutured shut to minimize the risk of infection. Patients typically fully recover within a day. It may be recommended to eat a soft diet to allow the area to fully heal. We will provide cleaning and care instructions for you after your tooth extraction.

Replace Extracted Teeth 
For some patients, a dental implant may be used to fully replace the extracted tooth. An implant is surgically placed into the healthy root socket. The post fuses with the jaw bone creating a stable base for a prosthetic tooth. CEREC same day dental crowns may be used to replace a missing tooth in a single visit to our Bishop, CA dentist office.




Does a tooth extraction hurt?

Dr. Overholtzer fully numbs the area prior to treatment using a local anesthetic. Most patients report feeling little to no discomfort during their tooth extraction. Over the counter pain relief can be taken to reduce swelling and any discomfort after the extraction.

Do I need my tooth extracted?

Dr. Overholtzer will thoroughly examine your oral health and exhaust all other options prior to recommending a extraction. If an extraction is necessary, we offer full service implants to replace lost teeth.

Can I replace an extracted tooth?

Yes. Replacing an extracted tooth is commonly recommended depending on the location and reason for extraction. Dr. Overholtzer offers dental implants for the replacement of missing teeth. Depending on the number of extracted teeth, a single implant with a dental crown, or a dental implant supported bridge, or denture may be used to fully restore your smile.

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