A dental bridge is used to replace one or several consecutive missing teeth. Secured to adjacent teeth or anchored in place using dental implants, dental bridges are secure, comfortable and custom designed to blend seamlessly with your natural smile.

Dr. Overholtzer offers patients traditional and implant supported bridge options for replacing missing teeth. Skyline Family Dentistry uses advanced 3-D imaging and digitally guided implant placement technology for the most precise and lasting results.



Dr. Overholtzer evaluates all aspects of the chewing system to determine the best course of treatment for the individual patient. All patients receive a one-on-one consultation and treatment planning session. Dr. Overholtzer takes the time to listen to your concerns, cosmetic goals and to answer any questions you may have about your oral health or treatment.

For patients considered good candidates, Dr. Overholtzer often recommends the use of an implant supported bridge. Implant supported dental bridges allow for the most natural looking results and improve the fit and stability of the restoration. Dental implants replace the missing root structure and help promote natural bone regeneration protecting the integrity of the facial structure.

Implant supported dental bridges allow you to enjoy the best quality of life and smile with confidence.



Dr. Overholtzer will evaluate your dental health needs and discuss your cosmetic goals to help you choose the most appropriate treatment plan for replacing your missing teeth.

If dental implants are an option, you will begin your dental bridge process with digital diagnostics and imaging. Dr. Overholtzer uses state of the art technology for digitally guided placement of implants providing the most precise results. We handle all phases of the implant procedure in-house from our Bishop office. The first step will be the surgical placement of the post followed by a period of several months for the soft tissue to heal properly.

For patients who opt to have their bridge anchored to adjacent teeth, dental crowns may be placed to support the anchor teeth for a more stable fit of the new bridge.

Dental bridges are custom designed to fit your unique facial aesthetic. The dental bridge is color matched and shaped to blend seamlessly with your teeth. A final restoration will be designed and fabricated at our in-house dental lab. Dr. Overholtzer oversees all phases of your restoration process to ensure quality results.

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