Tooth decay affects patients of all ages. Left untreated dental cavities can progress, leading to infection of the root canal or damaging the integrity of the tooth’s structure. Tooth decay is a growing health epidemic spurred by the increase of sugar in American’s diets. Dental caries are a common dental health concern. Dr. Gabriel Overholtzer provides treatment options for tooth decay designed to remove damaged tissue and preserve the tooth structure. Treatment for a dental cavity will depend on the extent of decay and location of the carry.


Tooth decay develops when bacteria begin to multiply, feeding off of sugars that build up the tooth surface. Bacteria leave behind an acidic byproduct that erodes the tooth enamel. Compromised, the enamel weakens and breaks open leaving the tooth susceptible to infection.

Cavities can cause teeth to feel hypersensitive or create sharp shooting pains. Treating a cavity as soon as it develops is important to avoid the need for a tooth extraction.


Dr. Overholtzer encourages routine dental check-ups and biannual dental cleanings to help prevent the development of tooth decay. Visiting the dentist twice a year can prevent cavities from forming and allows for early diagnosis and conservative treatment options should decay develop.

At home, oral hygiene are also essential to keeping teeth and gums healthy. Brushing twice daily and flossing at least once a day helps remove debris and prevents plaque and tartar from building on the surface of the teeth. Patients who visit the dentist on a routine basis and practice a thorough at home oral hygiene routine are less likely to develop tooth decay.


At Skyline Family Dentistry, we take the time to develop relationships with our patients on a personal basis. We make personalized recommendations to improve your oral health and to help you enjoy your most beautiful smile. Our oral wellness consultations are thorough, personalized, and allow our patients ample time to express their concerns, and explain their oral health goals. Dr. Overholtzer offers tailored solutions to complex dental concerns helping his patients enjoy their optimal oral health. Dr. Overholtzer welcomes new patients from Bishop, Mammoth Lake, Round Valley, Big Pine and surrounding communities. To schedule your oral wellness consultation contact our Bishop, CA dentist office by filling out our online form.

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