Why do I wake up with a headache almost every morning?

If you experience daily headaches, especially ones that occur first thing when you wake up, you may have an underlying dental health issue. Be sure to tell your dentist about your headaches during your next routine exam.

Reoccuring morning headaches may be a symptom of sleep apnea, TMJ or bruxism, health conditions that are often interlinked, and ones that can impact your quality of life.

To reduce headaches, it is imperative to treat the underlying functional concerns that cause the headaches. Dr. Gabriel Overholtzer is a Bioesthetic dentist who considers the chewing system in entirety when treating complex oral health conditions. Dr. Overholtzer examines the teeth, gums, bite alignment and jaw function to determine the underlying issues. Treatment plans are tailored to the unique needs and goals of each patient.

Bruxism, Maloclussion & Headaches

Misalignment of the bite or teeth, or maloclussion, can put added stress on the jaw. muscles and joint. Over time, the added pressure can cause the jaw to become damaged and malfunction. TMJ and bruxism are common causes of headaches.

Headaches caused by maloclussion or bruxism may be treated with an oral sleep appliance and a combination of restorative procedures to realign the bite. For some patients, orthodontic treatment will be necessary to realign teeth and help alleviate painful symptoms associated with TMJ.

Sleep Apnea & Headaches

It can cause headaches due to the oxygen deprivation the patient experiences throughout the night. Sleep guards can keep the airway open during sleep allowing a normal flow of oxygen and thus reducing the occurrence of headaches.

Bishop, CA bioesthetic dentist Dr. Overholtzer treats headaches from a functional vantage point. He treats the entire chewing system to help alleviate chronic headaches or migraines. To learn more about how comprehensive dentistry can stop your daily headaches, contact our Bishop, CA dentist office (760) 582-7223 or request an appointment time online using our convenient form.