Restorative dentistry helps give patients a second chance at enjoying a beautiful, healthy smile.

Restorative dentistry emphasizes the importance of repairing damage caused by trauma, gum disease, malocclusion, bite disorders or tooth loss. Dr. Gabriel Overholtzer uses the principles of Bioesthetic dentistry, taking the entire chewing system into consideration when treating complex dental concerns. This includes the related structures of the neck, ears, and jaw joints. Optimal oral health relies on the stability of these adjacent musculoskeletal structures for a comfortable, functional bite. Our all-encompassing approach to restoring your smile allows for long-term results that support long term oral and overall health and well being.


Full-Service Dental Implants
Replacing missing teeth is necessary to fully restore a functional bite and stabilize your oral health. Dental implants are the most natural solution for replacing lost teeth. The dental implant is a prosthetic tooth system that looks and feels like a real human tooth. The implant supports stable tooth alignment and promotes bone retention and growth.

Dr. Overholtzer provides full-service implants in-house. Our dental care team handles all phases of the implant process from the comfort of our Bishop, CA dentist office. From the initial consultation through the final fit of your dental restoration, we provide consistent quality care for the placement of all types of dental implants. Dr. Overholtzer uses digital 3-D imaging technology for more accurate treatment planning and a more predictable result. A greater degree of accuracy also improves your patient experience, enabling Dr. Overholtzer to strategically plan the placement of an implant to avoid damage to adjacent tissues or nerves.

Bioesthetic Approach to TMJ Therapy
TMJ is the common term for a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) affecting the function and comfort of the bite. TMJ disorders can occur for a number of reasons including damage, misalignment or stress to the jaw joint. Patients often struggle with chronic headaches, facial discomfort, and popping or clicking of the jaw. Dr. Overholtzer is a Bioesthetic dentist who takes a holistic approach to restoring the bite through comprehensive analysis and consultative care.

Dr. Overholtzer examines the entire chewing system to pinpoint the root cause of the bite issue to provide effective, long-term treatment options. Many patients with TMJ benefit from MAGO (Maxillary Anterior Guided Orthotic) therapy. Patients wear a custom fit, temporary oral splint for a period of up to 4 months allowing the jaw to realign and rest properly while the patient sleeps. During this time, the jaw muscles are able to relax into a more natural position to reduce the discomfort of teeth grinding, headaches and other symptoms often caused by muscle tension.

State of the Art Dental Technology
Skyline Family Dentistry utilizes the latest in modern dental technology. Dr. Overholtzer uses a CBCT scanner and digitality guided implant technology to provide the highest quality dental implants with precise results. We also offer CEREC same day dental restorations and design and fabricate all restoration at our in-house dental lab. Dr. Overholtzer produces his own dental restorations to uphold the high standard of care you expect.


Dr. Overholtzer offers tailored solutions for complex dental concerns helping his patients enjoy their optimal oral health. Dr. Overholtzer welcomes new patients from Bishop, Mammoth, Round Valley, Big Pine and surrounding communities. To schedule your oral wellness consultation contact our Bishop, CA dentist office filling out our online form.

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