Skyline Family dentistry uses a holistic, comprehensive approach to protect and improve your oral health.

General dentistry focuses on the maintenance of the teeth and gums as well as oral disease prevention.  Routine dental checkups are always the foundation of a healthy smile and provide the opportunity for our team to get to know you and understand your unique oral health risk factors.  The American Dental Association and Dr. Overholtzer recommend visiting the dentist at least twice a year for preventive dental care and professional teeth cleaning. Dr. Overholtzer provides these basic and essential services in addition to providing a more robust diagnostic analysis of your overall oral wellness. Our general dental services include:

  • Dental cleanings and exams
  • Dental fillings
  • Dental sealants
  • Tooth extractions
  • Root canals

Dr. Gabriel Overholtzer takes a more thorough approach to general dental care than your average dentist. During your personalized routine oral exam, you will receive diagnostic x-rays, a visual screening for oral disease, and a cavity check. Dr. Overholtzer also analyzes the entire chewing system ensuring proper alignment of the jaw and function of the bite using digital diagnostic technology and visual exams.


As a team, we emphasize the importance of maintaining your oral health, not only for the enjoyment of a healthy smile but for overall physical well-being and the best possible quality of life. Poor oral health can lead to inflammation in the body, increasing your risk for a range of diseases and health concerns and making existing conditions difficult to manage.

One of the most common dental problems resulting from poor oral hygiene and a lack of appropriate dental care is periodontal disease. What may begin as bleeding or irritated gums can lead to more complex problems that compromise your health in many ways. When gum tissue begins to break down as inflammation from the body’s response to bacteria increases, the barrier it provides becomes compromised. This allows harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream, leading to internal inflammation that increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, systemic disease, and even low birth weight babies.

There is also a range of systemic diseases that can have early oral signs as they impact the condition of your oral health. Patients who are diabetic can experience chronic gum disease due to elevated sugar levels in the blood.

Dr. Overholtzer looks for these early signs and indications of an underlying health issue, working with patients to address concerns and manage symptoms in an effort to stabilize oral health. Your dental care in our Bishop office is tailored to your unique risk factors for the long term maintenance of a healthy smile.


At Skyline Family Dentistry our dental care team provides patients in the Bishop, CA region with quality dental care based on BioEsthetic principles. The BioEsthetic approach allows for streamlined care of all of your dental concerns under one roof. Dr. Overholtzer’s comprehensive analysis includes your entire chewing system and screens for underlying functional issues that could be causing your more obvious dental concerns.

The goal of BioEsthetic dentistry is to allow for early detection of developing concerns and to provide long-term solutions improving the smile from the foundation up. Dr. Overhotlzer addresses the overall alignment and function of the bite in order to allow for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Learn more about Bioesthetic Dentistry.


Dr. Overholtzer offers tailored solutions to complex dental concerns helping his patients enjoy their optimal oral health.

At Skyline Family Dentistry we take the time to develop connections with our patients on a personal basis. We provide personalized consultations and high quality, state of the art dental services. Our Bioesthetic approach to dental care provides patients with a one-stop dentist office that can manage all of their dental health care needs.

Dr. Overholtzer welcomes new patients from Bishop, Mammoth, Round Valley, Big Pine and surrounding communities. To schedule your oral wellness consultation contact our Bishop, CA dentist office by filling out our online form.

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