Dental Cleaning Bishop, CA

Dental Cleanings An Overview

Patients are encouraged to have their teeth cleaned every six months. 

Biannual dental cleanings help to reduce plaque and tartar build-up keeping the teeth and gums healthy. Routine professional teeth cleanings are the cornerstone of any lasting healthy smile. Patients enjoy a refreshed clean smile while helping to preserve the natural functioning and stable bite.

Teeth cleanings performed by your dental hygienist reach areas that brushing and flossing can not. Teeth cleanings also focus on cleaning thoroughly cleaning the gums and soft tissues. Patients who visit the dentist on a routine basis are less likely to develop tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health concerns.

Inbetween dental cleanings, Dr. Overholtzer encourages patients of all ages to brush and floss their teeth at least twice a day. Daily oral hygiene is essential for a healthy smile.

So, I am petrified of the a child. Not exaggerating. Everyone here is empathetic, understanding and patient with me during procedures. They're amazing and do a wonderful job. I highly recommend them to anyone in the bishop area for…Jessica K.
I was involved in an accident which left me with a lot of dental work needed which included root canals and replacement of 4 front teeth. Dr. Overholtzer and his staff are extremely professional and friendly. Skyline Dentistry uses only…Maggie L.
Love this place. Everyone is caring and friendly. Lauren is just wonderful! Highly recommend.Valerie H.
Over the last 2 yrs, 3 extractions, 5 or 6 crowns, root canal and 2 partials and possibly more. Dr. Overholtzer and the entire staff are the best. As a disabled veteran, I was lucky to find Skyline Denistry and…Terry F.

Dental Cleanings What to Expect

Teeth cleanings are typically performed by our dental hygienist. Our hygienist is highly trained, compassionate and dedicated to providing our patients with the highest standard of dental care. Our hygienist always uses a gentle hand and careful technique to thoroughly clean all surfaces of your teeth.

If you experience dental anxiety or feel anxious about getting your teeth cleaned, ask Dr. Overholtzer about your sedation dentistry options. We offer sedation options to help our patients receive the dental health care they need to preserve their natural smile.

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