Do I Need A Custom Mouthguard When I Play Sports?

You should look at your teeth as an investment, whether you have invested time and money in achieving the smile you’ve always wanted, or if you were blessed with a beautiful white and straight smile. You want to protect your investment, and the best way to do that is with a mouthguard.

You may be thinking, why can’t I just go to a local store and pick up a mouthguard instead of coming into our office and getting fitted for a mouthguard? There are several reasons, and we have listed them here.

Advantages Of  A Custom Fit Mouthguard

  • Custom Fit
    • A store purchased mouthguard cannot fit your teeth the way it should fit, as everyone has different teeth. A store purchased mouthguard may shift during play, and may even irritate your gums, hindering you from playing the sport you love. A mouthguard only works if it is comfortable and you do not mind wearing it while you play. A custom fit mouthguard made in our office will be made using a mold taken of your teeth, meaning that it will fit perfectly in your mouth.
  • Cool Factor
    • Have you not noticed all the pro athletes playing with seven-figure contacts using a custom fit mouthguard while they play? Yes, even they do, and no sport will discriminate against a mouthguard, as just about every sports allows them to be used during gameplay including football, baseball, hockey, boxing, basketball, and lacrosse. Not too mention, you can get them made to match your team colors or even have your alter ego printed on them!

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