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What is TMJ/TMD?

TMJ stands for your temporomandibular joints. Your temporomandibular joints are your lower jaw joints that connect your jaw to your skull. These are the joints that are used when you open and close your mouth. When these joints are overused, it can result in a temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD. TMDs are very hard to live with. The discomfort, jaw aches, and headaches associated with TMDs can be distracting and make day to day life more difficult.

Temporomandibular disorders are often caused by:

  • Frequent grinding | Patients who grind their teeth during the day, or while they are sleeping are more likely to develop a temporomandibular disorder.
  • Cradling the phone between your jaw and shoulder | Patients who frequently talk with the phone against their jaw can develop a temporomandibular disorder over time.
  • Chewing unevenly | Patients who chew on only one side of their mouth could develop a TMD if the joints become overused.
  • Bad posture | Bad posture that affects the jaw has been linked to the possible development of a TMD disorder.

Patients can avoid developing a TMD by being wary of these symptoms, and avoiding bruxism, bad posture and other causes. For patients who are already suffering from a TMD disorder, our team at Skyline Family Dental can offer meaningful treatment.


TMD Treatment

With our ICAT technology, your dental team can offer even better TMD treatment than before. ICAT allows us to make very accurate and in-depth diagnoses that aid us in the treatment of TMDs and other disorders. Each TMD treatment depends upon the individual, and will be tailored to meet the needs of each patient. We treat TMDs by addressing the source of the disorder and treating the cause to combaat the symptoms.

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