Root CAnals

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What is a Root CAnal?

Your root canals are thin passageways in the roots of your teeth. Nerves travel through these canals to the pulp chamber in your tooth.

When the pulp chamber of your tooth becomes infected, the infection can spread from the pulp to these nerves and cause a serious, chronic toothache. Root canal therapy, also known as a root canal, is a procedure that cleans out the infection to save your tooth and to keep the infection from spreading to other teeth.

The Benefits of Root CAnal Therapy

  • Root canal therapy removes infected tissue that could cause serious health problems if left unchecked.
  • After your tooth has become severely infected, a root canal can prevent the infection from spreading to your other teeth.
  • With root canals, we can save teeth that would normally need to be extracted and help your smile last.
  • Patients who need root canals often experience a serious, chronic toothache. Root canal therapy relieves the toothache and prevents it from happening again by treating it at its source.

Receive Meaningful Root CAnal Therapy Treatment From Skyline Family Dental


With the advanced technology available in our office, we can deliver precise and gentle root canal therapy to our patients who are suffering from a serious tooth infection. Our office uses I-CAT 3D imaging to map out procedures beforehand and to provide more accuracy and comfort.

The Root CAnal Therapy Procedure

  • Dr. Overholtzer will remove all of the infected tissue from your tooth.
  • Once the infected tissue has been removed, Dr. Overholtzer will clean the area and apply medicine to sterilize the tooth.
  • After the root canal is finished, Dr. Overholtzer will restore your tooth’s original shape and provide protection with a beautiful, porcelain crown.

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