Restorative Dentistry

Romantic Senior Couple Hugging On BeachIf you ever suffer a dental tragedy, our team at Skyline Family Dental can help you smile again. Our restorative services are designed to help patients enjoy a full and beautiful smile again, even if they’ve lost a tooth or suffered extensive tooth damage. With our restorative dentistry services, our team is able to give patients a second chance.

Some of our restorative services include:

Dental Implants | A dental implant is a synthetic tooth root that can be combined with a dental crown to replace a missing tooth. Each tooth created with a dental implant is beautiful, comfortable, and fully functional. Dental implants are the best option for patients who are missing teeth, because dental implants provide extra jaw support that prevents jaw deterioration and bone loss.

Dentures | Dentures are complete sets of artificial teeth that allow patients who have lost all, or almost all, of their teeth a way to smile again. At our practice we offer both implant supported and traditional dentures to our patients in the Bishop area. If you’ve lost all of your teeth, we can offer you a dentures option that will help you laugh, chew, speak, and smile again. Come into our office to discuss which denture type is right for you.

Root CAnals | With root canal therapy, our team can save teeth that would normally have to be extracted and help you keep your full, beautiful smile longer. Root canals clean out infection and can prevent serious health problems. Using root canal therapy, we can keep harmful bacteria from spreading, and relieve the toothache associated with infection.

427674_10150589246157161_86956106_nDental Crowns and Bridges | Our dental crowns are created with state-of-the-art CEREC technology. Dental crowns allow us to protect teeth and restore your tooth’s shape. Now using CEREC, we can create crowns right in our office and perform dental crown procedures in only one appointment. We can also use CEREC to create dental bridges that can replace missing teeth.

To find out more about our restorative services, call us at our office today.

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