Dental Bridges and Crowns


Save Damaged Teeth and Restore Their Shape with Our Custom-made Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used in many of our procedures to restore a tooth’s original shape, preserve the remaining tooth structure of a damaged tooth, and to protect a tooth from further damage. A dental crown is a cap or covering that can be placed directly over a natural tooth. Using dental crowns, our team can save damaged teeth that would normally need to be extracted, stop the spread of infection, and help you maintain a full, healthy smile.

At Skyline Family Dental, we create crowns that look completely natural and feel comfortable. Our crowns are made right in our office using CEREC technology.

Receive Your Crown in a Day With CEREC Crowns in a Day Technology

Our CEREC machine utilizes 3D imaging software and a milling machine to create beautiful, custom-made porcelain crowns right in our office. Without CEREC, crowns have to be crafted in a dental laboratory using a process that can take a few days.


With CEREC readily available, we can create perfect, beautiful crowns during your appointment. Instead of wearing a temporary crown while your permanent crown is being crafted, Dr. Overholtzer can place your permanent crown immediately. Our CEREC technology allows us to make dental crown procedures even more convenient and comfortable for our patients.

We can use our CEREC machine to create custom-made restorations including dental veneers, singular dental crowns, and dental bridges.

Replace Missing Teeth Using Dental Crowns With a Beautifully Crafted Dental Bridge

A dental bridge uses a series of dental crowns to fill a gap left by a missing tooth or teeth. Dental bridges are applied by placing crowns on the teeth adjacent to the gap, and cementing dental crowns in between to “bridge” the gap. Dental bridges allow patients who have lost their teeth to smile with a full smile again and enjoy a whole range of functionality again.

To find out more about our dental crowns and bridges, call us at our office today.

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